What We Do

Pulse Research is a specialist Qualitative Market Research  house committed to a deeper diagnostic approach to understanding consumers.

We focus on strategic Qualitative Market Research to uncover consumer understanding.   We create brand opportunities for growth by better targeting consumers’ underlying needs.

We use focus groups, in depth interviews, Co Creation, in store accompanied shops and individual pre group homework journals to explore the world through the consumer’s eyes.

Our consumer sessions are typically longer ,and smaller in terms of participants, because we are passionate about understanding the little things behind what makes people tick.  This follows through to how we report our insights – being thorough is our analytical signature that clients value us for.

At Pulse Research we see good Qualitative Research as that which constantly explores and pushes the boundaries. We love classic Qualitative Research methods and we are always looking for new innovative qualitative methods to create consumer understanding.

We are experts at understanding people and the real reasons why they do what they do so we can best craft brand bundle elements to maximise in market success.

The types of Qualitative Market Research we cover include:

Full market motivational studies

If you:

    • Want to understand the current competitive landscape within the category your brand operates in and the key category drivers and barriers 
    • Want to uncover a market map that can help guide strategic decision making
    • Want to understand the different needs, motivations, tensions and unmet needs in the category and the different user typologies 
    • Want to understand which of your  competitors are doing well and why 

Brand Positioning Studies

If you:

    • Want to understand the current positioning of your brand and how this compares to your competitors
    • Want to diagnose how to reshape your positioning in terms of the key consumer insight/tension to target, the functional and emotional benefits that can address this insight and the critical RTBs (reasons to believe) you can leverage for your brand
    • Want to identify specific brand bundle elements that best support the space you want to occupy 

Strategic Advertising Research

If you:

    • Want to explore opportunities to refresh an existing brand’s comms strategy then we can start by exploring ‘big’ creative ideas your agency is working on 
    • Want to identify which direction is most powerful as a start-point for creative executional development  

Executional Advertising Research

If you:

    • Want to explore consumers’ reactions to executional ideas and their relative strengths and weaknesses in terms of messaging, fit with strategy and fit with brand tonality
    • Want to explore how to optimise the strongest executional idea for the next stage of development

In Store Diagnostic Shopper Research

If you:

    • Want to understand how the shopper’s decision making is playing out at shelf and where your brand is strong or weak 
    • want to understand potential barriers to purchase your brand at shelf and why your competitors might be winning
    • want to explore what drives switching at shelf 
    • Want to understand the role of pack semiotics, claims, price etc and how you stack up vs your competitors

New Concept Exploration And Positioning Research

If you:

    • Want to explore how to best execute a new concept/s or a new line extension concept off an existing brand 
    • Want to identify critical guardrails for an existing brand in terms of new product development
    • Want to identify how to best express your concept for your target consumer in terms of rational, functional and emotional values and what the tone of voice should be

Brand Audits

If you:

    • Want to understand usage and attitudes towards your brand today WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY/WHY NOT amongst current users, lapsed users, non-users 
    • Want to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s marketing activities (price, product, promotions, placement) and how to optimise these to best position for growth
    • Want to review your historical advertising vs competitors and the role this is playing for your brand
    • Want to diagnose reasons for success or failure of any historical brand innovations

Packaging Design Development Research

If you:

    • Want to explore different design directions to refresh an existing brand or to explore design directions for a new offering
    • Want to understand the category semiotics at play in market today and their role in communicating brand values and personality
    • want to explore the role of functional and emotional messaging on pack and how this is optimised for Front of Pack and Back of Pack
    • want to explore role of pack format and packaging substrate in optimising appeal of your offering and supporting the intended positioning

Product Development Exploration And Optimisation

If you:

    • Want to explore the role of the product experience currently in meeting needs of your users and whether there is any white space in the category for both users and non -users
    • Want to explore new directions for product development for your brand across product attributes such as format, flavour, texture etc
    • Want to assess what works and doesn’t work for your prototypes vs blind trial of competitors
    • Want to explore how your product is best optimsed for a new product concept – what are the ‘Must Haves’, ‘Nice to Haves’ and ‘Must Not Haves for the product development team to work on

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