Sharpen and Tune Your Brand So Consumers Take Notice

Pulse Research gets the qualitative research job done for you without hiding behind layers of team hierarchy or confusing jargon.

Just pragmatic, personalised research project management to help you tap into the pulse of your target consumer and:

  • UNDERSTAND what makes them tick 
  • CREATE ENGAGING brand stories 
  • MAXIMISE your marketing dollar 

We’ve stayed small and kept personal service for our clients our absolute focus.  
Pulse Research gets the qualitative  research job done for you without hiding behind layers of team hierarchy or confusing jargon.
With Pulse you’re in safe hands as we take a bespoke approach to everything we do, drawing on 3 decades of experience and leaving no stone unturned in the quest for understanding your market.

We diagnose consumer motivations and the real reasons behind consumer behaviour in order to optimise how  you communicate your brand to your current and potential consumers at all levels of its execution.

We draw on Humanistic Psychology in guiding our approach with consumers and empathetic, non judgemental listening is at the heart of everything we do.

Product Categories we are experts in

We have a specific focus in FMCG Qualitative Research and have, over our 3 decades of qualitative research experience, worked with most product categories you’ll find on the supermarket shelf.  Including a particular passion for the following categories:

  • Snack Foods
  • Soft Drinks
  • Pet Care
  • Alcoholic Beverages including wine and beer
  • Dairy Categories including milk, yoghurt
  • Cereal and Snacking Bars 
  • Coffee
  • And many more
We treat consumers as trusted partners in creating understanding for clients

Consumers, and their generosity in sharing, form the supportive heartbeat that allow us to create living and breathing powerful brand stories for our clients.

Empathetic listening builds trust and trust builds self-disclosure.  As researchers it is this self-disclosure that allows us to create understanding of research participants’ needs, desires and fears which we can translate into brand opportunities for clients.

True empathy is more than listening, it is a state of feeling what the consumer is feeling whilst keeping an analytical mind alive for interpretation.   Striving for immersion in their inner world and understanding how that affects their outer world. 

We foster a culture of consumer appreciation and respect  in the client viewing room.

We listen for sticky insights

A good result is not so much that everyone in the Focus Group LIKES our stimulus and ideas  but more that there is an emergent insight that provides a ‘sticky’ foundation to work with that can help nurture the ad idea, pack design or new product concept that is being researched and developed.

We use discourse analysis NOT consensus when analysing consumers responses in groups; listening for the underlying perspective beneath the language they’re using.  

Listening for potential drivers and unpacking barriers is key in any qualitative research study and we need to listen to both throughout the project.

We take the time to plan for, and nurture analytical quality along the way

We believe taking a progressive or evolutionary approach to build on insights and implications as fieldwork progresses is one of the key principles driving effective Qualitative Research outcomes.

A ‘churn and burn’ approach to conducting groups simply ‘ain’t how we do things’ at Pulse.  

Over-tired researchers conducting 2 groups back-to-back at night with over-tired consumers is never going to deliver quality output.  Tired researchers cannot make strategic leaps in late night groups and brand opportunities or pivot points will be missed 

At Pulse, Qualitative Research timelines are carefully considered and designed in order to maximise space to digest what we are hearing as we go. 

Stop & Think gets you further down the track

Pausing to reflect, interpret and give direction to the brand team via a ‘Stop & Think’ session midway through fieldwork  is key to our quality commitment.  

Picking up the trail in terms of learnings and implications moving forward means we are much further down the track in terms of outcomes at the end of the project.