How the consumer behaves in terms of brand purchase and rational decision making is just as important as the deeper (often hidden) emotional relationships they have with brands

Understanding behaviour and rational reasons why consumers ‘say’ they buy brands are key in identifying the core pillars of a brand’s equity and when developing persuasive functional brand attributes in new concept development

What can your brand users tell us about their MEMORY STRUCTURES of the brand and how they recognise the brand in market?

What are the critical elements in the consumer’s decision making at shelf and what is the DECISION TREE (hierarchy of these elements)?

Do different life-stages and genders BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY in category and how are they best PROFILED?

Helping you attract new consumers and strengthen relationships with your existing consumers is what we’re passionate about

…It all starts with a core understanding of the consumer’s current and historical relationship with the category and brands

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Drop me a line I’d love to hear how I can help your brand/s grow