With consumer research context is everything. We don’t live in a vacuum but are immersed in an ever changing world, in fact the only constant is change

We often get research participants to prepare a homework journal or take part in an online forum before attending groups to help us better understand their broader life context outside the group room – what’s important to them, how they spend their time and the sort of brands that they are tuning into and being turned on by

We then assess these findings in relation to current and emergent trends

Any FOODIE in Australia prides themselves on their weekend jaunt to a FARMER’S MARKET where they can buy directly from the producer
What does this mean for your brand?

TECHNOLOGY is having an impact on FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS on a day to day level
What does this mean for your brand?

A SHIFT in consumer spend from goods TO EXPERIENCES is evident
What does this mean for your brand?

A fundamental start-point to effective brand positioning and communication success is to not just clearly identify and describe WHO your target consumer but also bring to life the ‘WORLD’ they live in